Who Are We & How Can We Help You?

We are an equitable training provider with a mission to cultivate social good.

Tired Of The 'Quick Fix' Approach?

Are you looking for training providers that are able to help you with a range of learning solutions including instructor-led, self-directed and blended learning approaches both in-person & virtually?

That's where we can help.

Our services are designed to leave enduring benefits rather than the motivational "quick fix" delivery that is typical of many training & facilitation providers. Our highly skilled Learning Architects provide scalable frameworks that help you to decode how your organisation thinks & learns in order to get your desired results.

Who Are We?

Cerebration is an equitable learning solution’s social enterprise that provides workshops, training & virtual learning that enables learners to manage change, respond to challenges, develop leadership & unlock potential.

How Can We Help You?

What's Our Vision?

Every individual should have access to equitable learning opportunities and be equipped with the skills, knowledge, support and training they need to thrive personally and professionally.

What's Our Mission?

We are dedicated to equipping learners with training solutions that enable them to manage change, respond to new challenges, develop leadership, unlock potential, breakthrough silos & empower teams to self-generate solutions to problems.

Who's Our Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner?

Jamie Bykov-Brett

Founder & Learning Architect


In 2020, Jamie founded Cerebration, a social enterprise that provides equitable training opportunities, to design, develop and deliver meaningful learning interventions that also have a social impact.

In 2021 Jamie launched two subsequent enterprises, Metahub that designs Virtual Reality experiences in the Metaverse and Mental Health Training that delivers Mental Health First Aid training to schools, charities and youth organisations.

Jamie's formative experience includes a variety of roles that range from front-line youth worker to managing a global talent function covering from New York to Singapore.

Jamie is a people centred and result-oriented trainer, facilitator, metaverse architect, e-learning designer & mental health instructor and economic justice campaigner, offering an eventful career within the areas of training and education, talent management, strategic change, STEM, poverty alleviation and personal social development.

Jamie has a proven ability to conduct effective training programs that encompass a broad range of requirements and needs. These include the development and implementation of onboarding, technical, performance management, leadership and compliance training to a global audience. He has an established record of taking leadership roles on large scale change initiatives that include organisation wide digital transformation implementation and the relocation of 150 staff from Budapest to Berlin & Vienna.

He has extensive experience in delivering training through managing personal social development, thematic, well-being and holistic support programs.

How Do We Ensure Our Training Is Meaningful?

There are four elements to our training that are essential to ensure that learning takes place and that it is meaningful.


Immerse learners through curious exploration.


Essential access to expertise and resources.


Novel and innovative approaches to ensure energetic participation and to maximise retention of the learning.


Relatable content that meets learners where they are at and engages them on an emotional level.

What Are Our Values?


Our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values.


The ongoing success of your learners is at the heart of our design.


We are driven to reach the highest standards to ensure quality learning experiences.


We create equitable learning opportunities for all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, neuro-abilities, bodily abilities, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

What's Cerebration's History?

Why Does Cerebration Exist?

Jamie Brett had the idea for Cerebration after working for ten years in the non-profit sector. He initially started his career working on the frontline for charities with minimal resources and ended his employment managing global talent functions for the worlds second largest philanthropy that had a 16 billion endowment at it's disposal.

It was during this time Jamie was a key facilitator in delivering training for C-suite executives. It became apparent to him that quality training was only available for well-resourced organisations while schools, charities, community organisations and the underserved communities they served missed out on essential skills, knowledge and behaviours they needed to thrive.

Cerebration was designed a vehicle to deliver the highest quality training to large corporates and C-suite executives but to re-invest those gains into providing the same training at a subsidised costs to those who would otherwise not get access to that information.

How It Began?

Cerebration was launched in March 2020, a week before the UK went into it's first covid-19 lockdown. We quickly discovered there is no guidebook for launching a enterprise during a global pandemic but it did mean that Cerebration from it's conception had to think differently and innovatively.

The first year of the pandemic saw Cerebration excel in the online delivery space, working with organisations to deliver instructor-led and self-directed learning in new an innovative ways. 

In 2021, Cerebration was awarded a grant from Unltd to expand it's products and services in order to reach a larger audience.

Where Are We Now?

Over the first two years, Cerebration's innovative training delivery expanded, as did it's cliental and the variety of products and services.

In 2022, to ensure it's offering didn't become too confusing, Cerebration split into three separate enterprises.

Cerebration - Equitable Training Solutions

MetaHub - Virtual Reality Events

Mental Health Training - Youth Mental Health First Aid

Each organisation became a separate entity but also a part of the larger Cerebration Group.

How Do We Support Underserved Communities?

We know it is important to your organisation to work with ethical providers and that the best outcome from a procured service is when you know it positively impacts a wider community. Our Objects of the Company and our Statement Of Responsible Business Principles outline our commitment to provide equitable training and learning opportunities for underserved communities.

We operate a tiered pricing model that reinvests the gains from supporting our corporate clients in order to subsidise our work with schools, charities and community organisations.