Better Thinking, Better Results

We support remote & co-located managers & teams to decode and apply their differences in thinking to optimise collaboration.

Is Your Organisation...

✔  Frustrated it can't leverage the individual attributes and talent in their teams?

✔  Struggling to cultivate a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace?

  Unable to maintain high achieving teams because high performers are impossible to retain?

Traditional Profiling Tools Lack Application

Psychometric assessments like Myers-Briggs® & DISC® are based on westernised archetypes developed at the end of the 19th century for the field of psychiatry.

More recently, psychometric profiles were redeveloped and retrofitted for workplaces. They became widely utilised to facilitate entertaining discussions with your workforce on team days & retreats.

However, a common point of contention is that these assessments don't provide tangible value that can you actually apply to every day situations.

That's why Cerebration works with organisations who find traditional psychometrics lack the level of organisational application required for their diverse 21st century business. Our clients demand modern ethical assessments and frameworks that have demonstrable value.

We utilise a proven methodology with effective application models that improve self-awareness, understanding, emotional intelligence and self-mastery.

It's called 'Whole Brain® Thinking'.

How Does Whole Brain® Thinking Work?

It’s important to think about our thinking. Thinking is our brain process of making sense of the world but ways of thinking are different for each of us, meaning we all process information differently.

Lets say that you are about to undertake a major project, what’s your first thought?



• What do the numbers say?

• What are we going to be measured on?



• We need a plan, what comes first?

• How’s this been done before?



• Who’s going to be on my team?

• Who is this going to impact?



• I have lots of ideas, where do we want to be when it’s done?

• What’s the vision?

These four different ways of looking at the start of a project give a taste for the four different types of thinking in the Whole Brain® model.

The Whole Brain® Model

Whole Brain® Thinking is a scalable framework that provides a lens for improved understanding and insight.

 The model works because It acknowledges that different tasks require different mental processes, and different people prefer different kinds of thinking.


Having a method to help decode and understand people’s thinking preferences is important is because individuals and organisations get better results when they can strategically leverage the full spectrum of thinking available.

Applied Cognitive Science For Workplaces

Whole Brain® Thinking is based on 40+ years of applied cognitive science and experience with elite organisations. We make better thinking your teams competitive advantage.

Real World Results From Whole Brain® Organisations


Increase in productivity, attributable to management


Saved per year with innovative efficiencies


More engaged employees with increased role tenure

Over the last 40 years, Whole Brain® Thinking has become a popular tool for workplace, with over 2 million Thinkers globally and Whole Brain® solutions are used by 97% of Fortune 100 companies.

What Can Whole Brain® Thinking Do For You?

Create A More Inclusive Culture To Generate Greater Value

• Diagnose the cognitive diversity gaps that create productivity shortfalls.

• Build "diverse by design" teams for maximum results.

• Make cultural initiatives stickier and more inclusive to have a lasting impact.

More Effective Management, More Effective Teams

• Improve communication and collaboration.

• Reduce conflict and groupthink.

• Optimise internal workflows to reflect diverse thinking.

Increased Capability & Agility When Innovating

• Build a more inclusive, innovative culture.

• Empower managers to see hidden innovation talent pools.

• Repeatable capabilities to accelerate innovation processes.

Manage & Accelerate Change With Better Thinking

• Optimise reorganisations, and other large-scale change initiatives.

• Integrate teams and organisations more effectively.

• Reduce talent uncertainty and turnover.

Discover How Our Workshops Can Support Your Organisation's Strategic Objectives

Our workshops creates seamless connections across groups with disparate thinking styles, in order to create more comprehensive & successful outcomes.

Individual Or Pair Debrief

By better understanding how we, and others, prefer to think we can make better decisions. This de-brief will help you to improve working relationships and empathy for others.

Team Workshop

Our team workshops decodes the way your team thinks in order to improve how they work together and to amplify what they accomplish.

Effectiveness Dashboard

Utilising our diagnostic tool to generate powerful discussion, we help teams understand their practical impact & evaluate what they are focusing on and what they may be missing.

Leap Over Common Hurdles & Barriers

Our workshops are tailored to focus on the challenges that you face. We have over thirty application frameworks of Whole Brain® Thinking that have been designed for everyday situations and contexts. 

Information & Communication

• Communication

• Listening

• Difficult Conversations

• Tell Them

• Show Them

• Learns By

Preference Expressions

• Getting Onboard With Change

• Providing Information

Leadership & Team Management

• Leading Others

• Gaining Trust

• Getting Buy-In

• Effective Meetings

• Remote Work

• Team Action Plan

• Team Goals

• Working Collaboratively

• Crisis Decision Making

Business Strategy, Culture & Change Management

• Building A Business Case

• Strategic Thinking

• Stretching At Work

• Culture Add

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

 Personal Change 

• Personal Development

• Check-Ins

• Return On Investment

Who's Used Whole Brain® Thinking?

For over 40 years, 97% of Fortune 100 companies have used Whole Brain® Thinking to improve productivity, innovation, integration, and inclusion.

What Our Clients Are Saying


The World’s Most Elite Organisations Trust Whole Brain® Thinking. Are You Ready To Join Them?

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"Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a single conception of ability. At the heart of the challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and of intelligence."

- Sir Ken Robinson

(British author, speaker & international advisor on education)